Mohawk Motel Snow Camera Massey. Explore the snowmobile trails in Massey Northern Ontario. Massey Snow Camera. Stay at the Mohawk Motel Canada in Massey.
MOHAWK MOTEL Massey SNOW CAM 2004  Lets hope for tons of snow Massey Snow Cam

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 Rainbow Country Snowmobile Association    

335 Sable Street East Hwy 17
P.O. Box 429
Massey, Ontario P0P 1P0 


Massey Weather Forecast  Sudbury Weather Forecast  
Please print, fill out & fax this form for Trail Permit PDF

1274 km 4 loop Massey 347 Searchmont 290 NL Wawa 274 Chapleau 363 Massey
Live Snow Cam Sault Ste. Marie
SSM 2 hrs West of Massey
We won't be able to do the snow cam this year. For trail condition info please contact :


Dennis Lendrum
Thank you
Live Snow Cam North Bay
2 hrs East of Massey
Below see photo's of last years snow cam in Massey


Ron wants to be back with his bike this summer
March02/05  - Todd (snowman) & Kevin left this morning for a loop
March 01/05   -back parking lot drive way at 7.40 am
  March 1st /05   -   It is still snowing and the temp is -10 and we are expecting another 4 cm of snow today  
We got a lot more snow and the trails are in excellent condition !!
Winter wonderland still snowing 5 cm -10 C

We got the snow as promised and more - about 5 cm and it is still snowing
Feb. 25/05 7.30am
March07/05 - we got about 3 cm of snow last night and it is still snowing. Found these
"bear-footprints" this morning. Click on the pic to see the bear :)
March 04/05 - Trails are great - here some trail pics
Feb. 24/05
it is -15 degrees and the trails are in very good condition as we were told by Brian Pacello owner of ComePlayInTheSnow

pic of our parking lot in the back
We got more snow 2 days ago
Trails are open but we need a lot more snow, the groomer is going out to see if we can freshen things up for the weekend, the snow cross race in Elliot Lake is this weekend so the trails up that way will be busy, pray for snow.      Brad MDSC 
Trails in Massey are open but we need more snow because there are some bare spots on the trail and not a lot of slider lube on the lakes, all the roads that the trails run on are somewhat bare also, pray for snow.    
Brad   MDSC 
This is what our groomer wrote to us yesterday night  Feb.16/05

Everything is frozen to almost solid ice. Temp right now is - 5 C .
" I drove up to Elliot Lake last week a couple of days after our rain and looked at the trails from the road.  They were in great shape good base - no bare spots smooth no ruts.  The wet snow we got this morning will just make them even better.  Even the trails up there that run beside the highway were good.  Was talking to the president of the Spanish snowmobile club for a bit the other night said that the base on our trails was good just need a couple of inches of snow to freshen up and for lubrication.  If it stays cold at night then the groomers should be able to get out and cut the tops off and smooth out any areas that need it. "  Feb.14/05 that is what a friend of ours just wrote.
Finally - we got 10 cm new snow last night

our parking lot - it is -11 right now
Feb.07/05 one of our lakes
Feb. 06/05
Although we have plus temps during the day 2C right now. We still have minus at night (-11C tonight)
Trails are still in great condition and we are supposed to get more snow tonight.
It is plus 1 C today
It is a beautiful sunny not too cold day
Jan, 29/05

All trails are groomed and in excellent condition 

Jan 28/05
crystal clear sky - wonderful trail condition
Jan 26/05
we got a load last night about 15 cm

Jan. 25/05
Sorry I was ill for the last days.
We got quite a bit of fresh snow in the last days and is is a comfortable minus 14 degrees.

Snow is now as high as the fence

All Trails are open and in excellent condition !! 

Jan. 20/05
Pinegrove Restaurant

in walking distance

Crock's Restaurant across the street

Dragonfly Restaurant
just a few steps away

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